Monday, December 29, 2008

merely a cult classic film: The Spirit

the other day I spent my time in a movie theater watching "The Spirit". Now, the easiest thing for me to do is to bash the hell out of this movie, but I think it deserves some respect. To be honest, you really should not pay money to see this if your looking forward to another movie as great as Sin City, because by all means, it is not. However, if you're a huge cult classic film fan then this movie was made for you.

The Spirit was a huge bomb in every meaning of the word, for example: it received horrible reviews, Received horrible fan response, and placed number 9 in the box office. That is not to say why I really enjoyed it, but it might have something to do with it. Over the last couple of years, I have grown a liking towards non-mainstream movies, although I am not white. This movie exceeded my expectations from the very start. The visuals are fantastic, and there's many things to say about the cheesy dialogue. It is in the very nature of Will Eisner's The Spirit comic book. There's even a very stereotypical black kid who steels a car and drives The Spirit around from place to place. Isn't that nostalgic for you? It is also not very surprising that Frank Miller (the director) purposely made this movie crap. Back in the 80's, he wrote 2 little novels called Batman Returns and Sin City which are now noted to be some of the best graphic novels in history. He later created a sequel to The Batman Returns known as " The Batman Strikes Again", which is noted to be one of the worst graphic novels in history. In an interview, he stated that this was just way of paying back fans for their immediate praise. Hmm... To this day he continues to write crappy Batman comics. All I'm saying is that 10 years from now, this film will become one of the top midnight super hero films, so don't pass it off quite yet.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Art School Hijinks Session 1: Cracka!

First post in awhile, and much has occurred.  Such as: many art school events, trials, moments of self discovery, and personal challenge. Much is better to be done then said, but every once in awhile I will post some events worth noting. The following story involves the swallowing of 6 crackers in 1 minute, vomit, and feminism. If any these topics sound depressing or disgusting to you, they are. So I would immediately exit the post and read over some comedy genius on either or or or

As I'm sitting at the nerdy theatre major table, trying to withstand the taste of my turkey sandwich, my friend Ez( yes, that's his nick name) approaches us. In his hand, is a bag of 2 month old saltines. I  can not explain the thoughts that were going through my mind at that moment, but for some reason I found it was the oddest thing I've seen in awhile. So finally, he explains to us that he comes for a challenge to all that accept. The test is to see whoever can eat 6 crackers in one minute. The rules were simple; you can eat them in any strategic way, but you can not drink any water in between. Now, this may sound like a very simple task, but you will soon find out that it was not. 

One brave soul decided to take up the challenge. This guy is an over-achiever who believes in never giving up. The only thing is, he lacks strategy, and therefore puts all six crackers in his mouth...  Within 10 seconds, he spits out about half the mush, and rushes to the garbage can vomiting. Disgusting. I then decided to follow in his footsteps of stupidity. Only this time, I would do it a little more intelligently. So I decided to go about it with  crackers at a time. The instant the crackers touch your lips, your  mouth quickly dries and becomes numb. My time ran out right when all 6 were in my mouth, and half way chewed up. Disappointing. 
No one else would dare try this deathly maneuver, or so it seemed... That is until one girl begged and begged to try, but was turned down every time. She then took the initiative, and put the first 3 crackers in her mouth, chewing at a steady pace. Before anyone knew it, she was already on her last with 20 seconds left, and then... She finished what was in her mouth within 45 seconds. Delightful! So there you have it folks; 25 boys(including seniors) could not pass this challenge for the ages,but one mere girl overcame the obstacles. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Creedence Claudia's Revival

So I totally left my Creedence tapes in my stolen car. I then decided to listen to them on Pandora. I like them(got a prob)? I think I once got stoned to them. I don't know, I wouldn't remember anyways...

As The Closing Draws Near

To get you guys all pumped before the second-to last debate this term (hope ya'll now about it), I've decided to display some poll results from the top news stations. I'm  sure you have seen these already, but who cares? (The Republicans probably) It seems our only hope for escape from nuclear disaster, Mr. Barack Obama, is ahead in the poles. For example: he is winning by 6 points on NBC's map, and on CNN's poll, he is up by 8. Now, you may be thinking that this isn't much, but he is winning some otherwise Republican states, and that's pretty crucial. This is the news that Democrats have been waiting to hear, and I strongly believe  that one day people will realize that they made a great choice. McCain's most likely going to have to lie a whole lot  more if he's gonna take this election to hell.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The T-Shirt Cycle

In theatre class, we are required to wear a "uniform" each and every day. The uniform consists of: a white t-shirt, sweat pants, and tennis shoes. If you do not follow this policy strictly, then you will be shot on sight. Well, some students forget to bring their white shirt with them to class. But all hope is not lost. That's where The Brothers T-shirtmazov comes in.

About a week ago, someone left there shirt in the dressing room, and ever since, nobody has claimed it. This triggered an ever-lasting urge from care-less students to wear this smelly, grimy, shirt. It's been two weeks, and it has been worn at leat 5 times. Once your done, you just throw it right back on the floor. The only problem is, while it sits on the floor, it builds up a heavy BO stench which can be smelt from across the room. As a group of males in the class, we have decided that one must take the t-shirt home every 3 days and wash it. I don't look forward to the day that I must wear or wash this digusting clothing item.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Return Of Catlad

I learned a lesson this past month, and it is that moving is a huge nuisance. I apologize to those who have missed their occasional dose of vitamin Catlad, but I promise you that I will be posting new stuff very often. While Claudia, Brian, and I have been settling in to the new home, there have been some fortunate and unfortunate events occurring.

1. Rock Band 2 came out today.
2. I had a birthday!
3. Art school's been cool.
4. This Wednesday is Barack Obama's rally.
5. I've finished building my bedroom furniture
6. I have a pool in my back yard!
7. New Phone

1. I can't afford to buy Rock Band 2. 
2.We got our garden gnome stolen by some punk ass kids.
3. Freshmen get no respect as theatre majors.
4. Sarah Palin is a complete and total moron, and she very well may be president of our country.
5. The Bear's lost last night
6. I'm on restriction of music.
7. John McCain is a liar!

One more thing. For those of you that know, and those of you who don't, The Academie's theatre department  put's on musicals and plays every year. There will be 7 shows this year:
Elephant Man, Concrete Rose, The Diviners, The Whiz, Bang, Bang, You're Dead, You Can't Take It With You, and one other one. 
Tickets range from 10 - 20 dollars. If you are interested in attending many of these shows, I highly  suggest you purchase a season pass for $65 dollars. Let me know if you are interested and I will sell you a pass. Also, if you would like to know which one I'm in, I'll contact you when I find out.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mrs. Karolyi

If you were alive to watch the olympics in which Nadia Comaneche  stunned the world with an amazing, perfect 10 performance. Then you probably remember Bela Karolyi, her coach. For the past week, Bela has been commentating through the gymnastics segment of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Of course, all he says is that the Americans actually have to try to win. Words of wisdom.  Bela retired a couple years back, but  since has passed on his coaching skills to his wife, Martha. She coaches  the American gymnastics team with a heavy training course, but It was obviously not heavy enough from what we saw yesterday.* It seems the American's could not perform without at least two mistakes. 
Bela Karolyi and Alicia Sacramone blamed the faulty performance on Chinese officials, claiming that they maid Alicia wait awhile between courses. All claims were denied. 
In my opinion, I don't think it's the time lapse. I just think they need to stop texting and face-booking on their iphones between performances. Kinda' breaks their concentration.

*China beat USA by a landslide

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Best Furniture Deal In The History Of Man Kind, Ever

So Brian, Claudia, and I were out all over town today browsing and carousing at modern furniture.  One of my personal favorite hotspots, Design  and Concept happened to maneuver itself onto the list of places we needed to hit up. The owner there, happens to be my homie, so I was pretty stoked about stopping in and saying "whassup". 
After a few hours of doing(or looking at) the weird stuff, we came across what Brian believes is "the ultimate bad-ass chair for designer-like guys" or also known as the Eeams. Supposedly, he's wanted it for quite some time now, and when he discovered that Design and Concept was carrying these; he just had to get a quote. The price came out to be 2 grand a piece, and Brian wanted two. Chuck, the owner, is a nice, sensitive guy who is normally willing to compromise prices, and so Brian decided to try and talk him down. The following is the exact conversation Brian and Chuck exchanged: Chuck: I'll give them to you for 2gs. Brian: What if I buy two? Chuck: About 4,000. The conversation was followed by sheer awkward silence.

Now, I don't know if Chuck knew what Brian was talking about, but I think that was one for the books. Please don't let this discourage you from shopping at Chuck's!!!!

Conclusion: Brian ended up purchasing two Eeams chairs from Lawrence's at 750 each. Oh, and you're going to love Brian and Claudia's new house!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

He's The God Damn Batman!!!!!

Yesterday, news was released that Christian Bale had allegedly assaulted his mother and sister. The British actor turned himself in for no apparent reason when he decided to cooperate with police. Bale denise it, but prefers to resist getting into more trouble. Wether or not he did it is completely out of the question, but what is important is that he provided humor and blogging material for people around the world. Thank you Bale! Even if he did do it, who cares? He's the god damn Batman!!! I look forward to seeing novelty t-shirts of this occurrence in the near future.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

What The Hell Is Rick Rolled?

Supposecdly it's a trick in which you fake a link to a web page or video, and then a video featurign Rick Roll appears. So this is what the internet has come to. *sigh* Oh, well to take the pain away, watch this trailer from the new watchmen movie.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Crack Band Part Deux- No Time For Intervention

As I was flipping through, I noticed a little article mentioning the soon- to be existence of Rock Band 2. What The F***? " They just came out with the first one last November, and now they want me to beg my parents to buy me another $190 game for Christmas"?, I thought. The hefty 200 hundred dollar price tag can actually be avoided, as it turns out. All the instruments from the predecessor are compatible with the latest installment, and after searching through the track list, I'm definitely buying this game!!! It's almost as if every single creator went to a liberal arts school, or at least have an excellent taste of music. If the very thought of being able to sing along with friends to songs such as "Float On" by Modest Mouse, and "You Outa Know" by Alanis Morisette doens't make you wet, then once I list a few more, it will. The instruments aren't much of an improvement, but the guitar is definitely an interesting investment. The drums however, contain a minimum re-design scheme(except for the awesome fact that it's wireless). Another awesome feature that is new, is the ability to be instructed on how to play these songs on a real drum set + the fact that you can free play any downloaded song from your 360. That means any ipod song! You might want to check out of rehab.

Here are a couple other song examples:

Beck- Epro

Disturbed- Down With The Sickness

Jimmy Eat World- The Middle

System Of A Down- Chop Suey

Beastie Boys- So Watch Want

nirvana- Drain You

The Offspring- Gotta' keep Em' Separated

Pearl Jam- Alive

Rage Against The Machine- Testify

RHCP- Give It Away

Smashing Pumpkins- Today

Sound Garden- Spoonman

Bon Jovi- Livin' On A Prayer(you heard me, drunk and belligerent time)

Billy Idol- White Wedding

Duran Duran- Hungry Like The Wolf

Jane's Addiction- Mountain Song

Go Go's- We Got The Beat

Metallica- Battery

Motor Head- The Ace Of Spades

The Replacements-Alex Chilton

Sonic Youth- Teenage Riot

Survivor- Eye Of The Tiger(yes, that one!)

Blondie- One Way, Or Another

Bob Dylan- Tangled Up In Blue

Cheap Trick- Hello There

Journey- Anyway You Want It

Talking Heads- Psycho Killer

and much much more.............

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Your Saturday Funny Video

Since, Cladeedah was unable to supply for you a funny video for your weekend, I have decided to substitute for her. This Video is freakin' hillarious. You may not be able to stop laughing after you hear the end.
In celebration of the Dark Night.

Bangs, I Like

So as usual, I was listening to a TMBG song, and noticed that the lyrics gave an in-depth look at John Linnell's fascination with bangs(yes the ones that are connected to your hair.) Yes, I know it's pretty damn random, but I felt I could somehow connect with this song. I happen to think that females look beautiful with hair covering their eyes. I don't know what it is, but there's just something about it. "Bangs to drape across your for head, to swing like concordant angels as you incline your head"- I couldn't have said it any better. Where do they come up with this stuff?

That said: For the next few days, until I get bored I will try to unravel the mystery that is TMBG's songs. I know it's not in my place, and some of them are just radom, but it sounds like fun!

Wanted- Reward: More than $30 mil!

It's been awhile since I've written a review about a feature film in the theaters, so I decided to get back into it. Today's review is Wanted- an incredibly violent(and incredibly necessary) movie about a fraternity of assasins who recruit a white-collar, average Joe to take on his father's killer. You may have already dubbed this film as a violent Matrix rip-off. That's actually almost exactly what it is, except the film is an adaptation of a Graphic Novel* with the same-title written by Mark Miller*. Don't judge a book by it's cover, and you may find this movie an excellent action flick with no hold-bars, and an awesome twist. The acting is not horrible, and the lead looks alot like John Linnell*. This is not for the squeamish! Angelina Jolie is still hot in this film, so that's definitely a plus. If you like action movies, then you need to go see this movie now!(or buy a They Might Be Giants CD)

Bottom Line: B+

Mark Miller- American comic book writer whom in which did not write Sin City. That's Frank Miller!

Graphic Novel: The proper name for a comic book run.

John Linnell: One of the founding members of the incredible, intelligent-rock band They Might Be Giants. Also #9 on People magazines most beautiful people online poll.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Make A Little Bird House In Your Soul

Bird House In Your Soul!

The Guitar

The Guitar

Don't, Let's Start 2

6- minute Rock Out Of Istanbul, Not Constantinople

video- Istanbul, Not Constantinople.

Go, Ahead Start!

video- Don't Let's Start


Video. Look below The Luck Of The German for full post!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Luck Of The German

I was just made official that I have the worst luck in the world. By luck, I mean not having to work for a prize or cash. Here's the story of the most pissed off weekend of my life.

This weekend, I attended Wizard World Chicago, which is the Chicago comic-convention. I got in for free, because my uncle was an exhibitor, and that was nice, but Rock Band was an aggravating hell. First of all, I'd just like to let you guys know that I personally had to bring my own drum pedal, because WWC is too cheap to replace the one that a fairly large male broke. There's nothing wrong with fairly large males, except when they pound on stuff. So, after a couple rounds of practicing, I find out that they were hosting a contest for the same day and the day after. It took me awhile to gather up a group of really good players(the minimum was 4 players), but we were all psyched up for it. We decided to all do a mediocre song on Expert mode.

We were the 2nd to the last group. What really pissed us off, was that a group took our song after over-hearing us, and completed it all on easy. Their final score was 99,98,94, and 95 percent. When it was finally our turn, we played a difficult song on Expert, and scored 99,98,96, and 74 percent. I scored 98 on drums, and the lead singer got 74 percent- that screwed us up. So as it turns out, the winner is chosen by the band with the best average percentage score with any song, and any difficulty. We got the highest score, but the least amount of average score, mostly because of the singer. Yes, I do realize that we were dumb for not doing it all on easy, but how much street cred would we get? The story doesn't end there, although I know you already lost attention.

The next day my previous bandmates weren't there, but I managed to gather some more geeks. We were all preped and proffesional, and we ended up doing better than yesterday. Our final poerentage score was: 99,100,97, and 97 percent. We all did it on hard, but wasn't enough, because antoher band won by half a percentage point. For example: 99.5. They went home with a box full of statues-an estimated worht of $700. Did I mention they all did it on medium? It was brutal. I did however, happen to get back into DND during the convention, and learned how to play version 4.00. I've got a dungeon master's guide. I've got a 12 sided die.........

Friday, June 27, 2008

Milwaukee Drools, TMBG Rules!

Not to put to fine a point on it, but if someone were to tell me that Milwaukee Wisconsin was the most uninteresting city they've ever been to, first I'd ask them where they have been, and then quickly agree. Drving from Chicago towards Milwaukee, you may spot many interesting things along the way, such as grass, grass, grass, corn, and cows. Fun! We did notice the exit for Weezer's hometown of Kenosha. Damn was it small! The reason for this dull and eye-soring drive was to go and see none other than They Might Be Giants. Yes, John and John. The cost was only $15 for admission since it was inside and apart of Summerfest 08. Apperently, that's all Milwaukee has going for it. Mostly based on the fact that there are permanent signs and billboards all over the town advertising for summerfest, and also the fact that they leave the stages up until the next year.

When we arrived, it wasn't very packed, so that was good. We saw a couple good bands before the TMBG(who were the headliners for their particular stage). One band, as very good, and they went by the name of Electric Touch. DOn't know if any of you have heard of them before, but they sound alot like Franz Ferdinand. They seem to be infulenced a little differently though. The way they dressed kind of reminded me of The Beatles, which later made since when they played an incredible rendition of "Come Together".

A couple of bands played before them, and then it was time for the Mesopotamians. There was a huge fire works display during the beginning of their performance, so it was a little difficult to hear, but their opener was "Dr. Worm", which is one of my personal favorites. Over all that was pretty good, but I missed the brass instrumentals. The next song on their list was "Why Does The Sun Shine" or also known as "The Sun Is A Mass Of Incandescent Gas" or also known as the made-for concert record. They were almost guranteed to play this one. After that, John Flansburgh cracked a few jokes, which were pretty entertaining. He ripped on Bush, he ripped on Gnarls Barkley(the band who played the same time during them), and he praised Dan Miller. If you thought They Might Be Giants cuts back on their weirdness during performances, than your wrong. The whole night consisted of wacky, and entertaining pieces. Bottom Line: They were amazing, and very entertaining, but did not play much of their early tunes. Only 1 from pink, and 1 from apollo18. Their encore performance was "New York City", " Particle Man", and "Maybe I Know". Here are a couple of clips listed above.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rockin' The Boat

just a random video I decided to upload.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Watch This Video

Notice the screaming. Unfortunately, the person who recorded this did not catch the beginning in which I slid out the curtain.

Comic- Cash

As many have predicted, and as you have already heard; our country is leaning near a recession(allegedly). This is based on the fact that many people have lost their jobs due to our struggling economy. Is it? Could be just the price of gas, but you know how hypocrites are.

My uncle, who owns a comic shop has already lost a few of his regular customers for this reason. Yet, the comic and gaming world's economy is growing at a rapid speed. The upcoming summer comic convention (also known to geeks as comic-con) has sold-out of 4 day passes and is reaching that point for Saturday sales. Last year, comic-con recorded a record high of 136,000 attendees. Do people cling on to books and games as an escape from stress?


For the only reason that my life is not interesting enough, I've decided from this day forward to start posting random crap. By random crap I mean random words that I will define for you every day. Here's the first -everword of the day(can be nouns, adjectives, and verbs, or words that or both verbs and nouns like "superman")

McDonald's- A fast food eatery of what in which is led by Big Brother himself, Jim Skinner.

Example: (child) Mommy take me to McDonald's right now!!! I want the new Panda toy!!!!

(Mom) Ok sweety, as long as you promise to stay with grandma and don't complain while mom go's out and get's drunk. Hopefully to find a man with alot of money to knock mommy up. Then you can have a sister, and we will live in a big house!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Quirky Graduation Of The Class Of 08 Along With A Bunch Of Random Stuff Like Cauldrons And Stuff That Sounds Like A Harry Potter Chapter Title

Yesterday was the day I was finally released fresh out the oven into a world of my own. A world of Independence in which you rely on your self and only your self. This world is called reality. Luckily, I've been through reality before, and it's not so bad. Actually, I'd prefer it over an ersatz dream-like creation. Any who, I'm a new man, and I'm happy about it! So I was just curious to know, but it seems like schools here in Chicago make a pretty big deal about 8th grade graduation. Well, that is if you consider a ceremony fully packed with wheeping parents, and long, maroon-colored gowns. As was mentioned to me before, when I spoke to my mother she was wondering why the extra-mile? She is a wonderer, but It leads me to believe that in the West Coast, there is no ceremony of the sort. Any reasons or comments?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Europe - The Final Countdown

Oh yeah, here's the video, and I forgot to mention that I'm changing the background on my blog for the new year.

It's The Final Countdown

After a brief vow of silence(I'm Awesome), I've decided to now and forever forward use spellcheck and grammar check. This means the following; you still get the hilarity that comes with reading a super hero's, blog except you may be able to actually understand the sentences your reading, and well, nuff said. So now, to the point of this post. As some of you know,(pedophiles, spoiler alert warning!) I am of the age in which a little boy becomes a man(or teenager with raging hormones for that matter) and that includes graduating the 8th grade.
Now this is a first, but my school has put together a graduation "ceremony" or whatever you like to call for the future failers and successors. Guess what? To my surprise, everyone is graduating. That even includes those who should be graduating senior year of high-school by now! Yay! Now, it's all fun in games until someone gets hurt, or the entire 8th grade has to sing the national gay anthem ,"The Way We Were" by non other than Baba Streisand her menopausal self. Ah, the memories we will forget. Someday, I will think back to the very next day from to day and say, 'Wow, was I really that popular?'. Did I mention apple has recently revealed the new $200 8gb iphone, and the $300 16 gig? Anyway, if it makes you feel any better(people who couldn't stand waiting 6 months until the iphone got cheaper) here's some optimism found in Europe's 'Final Countdown". Above!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Top Ten Trendiest Things

Here is a list of the top ten trendiest things that are hot right now.

1. Weightwatchers(even if your not fat, you could steal lose some)

2. Indy Rock( Hip-hop is dead, and Mainstream music is Soooooo over-rated)

3. Motor Scooters(Global Warming is going to destroy the earth!! People actually believe that)

4. Wii(It's not just kids and nerds playing video games any more. Adults like to rot their brains out too!)

5. Thai Food( Sushi is out, Pah Thai is in)

6.Visiting Thailand(Last year visiting Japan was hot, but now that Thai food is in whens a better time to visit the official land?)

7.Flats( Heels are like OMG uncomfortable, so why not wear something that doesn't hurt to be beautiful?)

8. Apple Products( Anything apple, and I mean anything. People will pay any amount for the new iCrap)

9. Starbucks( How the hell did coffee get so popular? With over 10 thousand locations spread out all over the globe, more people drink coffee now then people did coke back in the 80's. Actually, sometimes I wonder what they put inside those things)

10. Barack Hussein Obama(Those who aren't stupid enough-sorry rednecks- to believe that Obama is an insane Muslim terrorist realize the full potential of our country. If you drink Starbucks, your votin' for Mr. Yes We Can himself, oh and if your black.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Great Return Of The Weeze

I recently discovered that Weezer is coming out with a new album hitting stores on June 3rd which is only 2 days away. Here is a sample song of the upcoming album. I really enjoyed this track, mainly because it doesn't sell out and stays truthful to the hardcore fans. It seems to sound a little close to the Pinkerton album which is regarded as the fans' favorite. If you pay close attention to the lyrics, you can hear many references to pop-culture. Of course, this isn't anything new from Rivers Cuomo and his already perfection of the art. Thus, specifically the line " Timbaland reached the top of the charts, if I work with him I can perfect the art", was also included in an interview by a magazine that I can not recall. I do know that Cuomo has some type of an appreciation for Timbaland. the video contains cameo appearances by Britney's very own Crocker, and as amny of you know, Kelly. They aren't just edited clips with Rivers, Kelly actually came in to shoot the video. One thing I found very funny, is Gung Ho G.I. Joe commercial from the 80's in which Gung Ho trys to encourage children to stay away from drugs. This like many other songs are somewhat nerdy, yet I think many people can relate to Weezer. This album is sure to be a hit. If you go onto you can hear one other song from the self-titled red album.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Please, Please, Don't Over Do It With The Patriotism!!

I decided to bring up the "issue" of patriotism. Oh yes, I said issue, because it seems the media makes a huge deal about a candidate when he/she does not wear a flag pin on their lapel. I swear to you I'm not even kidding. I was watching the presidential debate the other month on television, and noticed that the interviewers or people who ask questions or whatever you call them, decided to leave out important issues in society, like the Iraq war, the so called recession, and immigration. Perfect time to do it since the actual election is in November. It did not end their, no, that's actually where started it. It's not about race, or sex anymore, it's about who could get the most media attention. This might be speculation, but I'm guessing the reason is that the Super Delegates have already made their decision. Senator Obama brought a good point during the debate. He tried to make people aware of the growing problem that questions like these cause. He said that we need to focus on real issues in society, instead of petty concerns on why he doesn't were a piece of material on his coat. Is it because he's secretly a terrorist? He shows his patriotism by helping make America a better place. During the last election, candidate John Kerry tried winning over Republicans by going on stage and saluting the troops in Iraq. He immediately lost the candidacy after that.

Monday, May 5, 2008

More Of A Promise, Than An Action

So for about a week and a half, my allergies suddenly started come up on me. There's must be a virus os some sort flowing through the warm, humid air of chicago, because I do not own any cats. First, I started off with a huge migraine, which turned into a very itchy eye. I was made fun of in class for coming to school with pink eye, even when the nurse tried to explain to me that it was just allergies. Once again, it's just the maturity of some. Now, I'm not saying I'm made fun of in class consistently, I'm only expressing my feeling of depression toward being "sick". This very well could be the reason for my absence of posting for the last few weeks. I apologize for my daily readers, who ever you are. Do not worry!!!!! JEsse Munoz's blogging game will float again!!! My boy's here will let you know when in it is. -Jesse Munoz (Parody of Nathan Detroit character played by Jesse Munoz)

Friday, April 18, 2008

My Chemical Emo

On Friday I was given an opportunity to see My Chemical Romance for free (EMO signature band), so of course I took it, and I'm very thankful. First of all, experiencing first-hand how this interesting group of intellectuals acts was a great way to find the logic behind them all, and that is; they can't dance, non of them. It was the guy behind me's first concert, and so he really didn't know how to move with the groove. Everyone dressed in MCR apparel, or black and white( I was in luck, I wore black to school), and had the same hair over-eyes look expected from this crowd. Over-all the band was freaking' awesome considering I really hadn't heard any of the songs, excluding "Helena". The biggest twist I found, was when this particular band was ridiculously abusive. People were literally punching each other in the face. I also discovered a new band called Billy Talent. I never found out if Billy Talent is the name of the lead singer or band. Awesome experience over-all!!! I didn't know parents could be so nice.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Leather Heads

I have returned with my infamous movie reviews. This time I will be summing up Georgafuls new movie "Leather Heads" also featuring John Krasinski. A tall guy, but not as tall as Brian or Todd. Walking into this theater, I had heard much hype about this film, and how it's a "Hilarious Comedy", but I tell you this movie is far from hilarious. Using a mixture of dry and in your-face humor that only occasionally succeeds. During this movie you will find yourself thinking that both lead characters are a bunch of assholes, and the only thing that will keep you from falling asleep, is the football games that take place twice in the film. Beginning and End. The only thing good about this movie (trust me, not Renee Zelwegger) is it's intelligent take on the 1920's. George Clooney's character plays professional football, but is kicked out of the league. John Krasinski's character(probably Polish) is a stuck up college star who agrees to go pro in order to help George Clooney's character get back in the league. the fight over a girl, and then one of them dies, and the other leaves the country to go to Canada, yadda yadda yadda.

Bottom Line:

Been Caught Up

I haven't blogged in quite awhile, but it's not that there is nothing to blog about, is merely that I do not have the time. I apologize, but I promise you if these next few days go well; then you'll see a whole lot of catlad jamming your internet. And if your wondering, no I have not gotten tired of catlad. Catlad Man, Catlad Man, Does what whatever a feline can. Is he a man or is he cat? I don't know why don't you ask him. Catlad Man, Catlad Man.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bird House In Every Body's Soul

Look on the bright side. Winter Id Over!!]

The Immaturity Of Some

I think it goes without saying that some 7Th grader's are very immature, or at least not very intelligent.I am not boasting and claiming that 8th grader's are better or anything, and I certainly do not wish to start more controversy. But honestly, posting videos of yourself while degrading others on a school computer is not exactly what I'd call "Mature". Therefore, all of you who are afraid of MRPIEX for any comment that he has maid is strictly hypocritical. I am not saying that he may have not taken his "joke" a little too far, but seriously get over it. You notice how I put joke in quotes? That is because it was a joke and he didn't really mean for you guys to masturbate ferociously to him. And at least he did it from his own computer, and of course everybody can see his blog, but he should have the freedom to do so.

Sorry if I come off harsh. Now enjoy another TMBG classic

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Take Me Down To Instanbul

It's been awhile since I heard this song, and it reminds me of art school. Got to prepare myself for the potheads.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Video Games With Script Writers

From Bioshock to Assasin's Creed to Grand Theft Auto to Mass Effect, video games in the last five years have had an everlasting affect on hard-core, die-hard gamers. It seems that video game writers and creators are being payed more for there extensive task of constructing a masterpiece of creation and strategy. With Assasin's Creed Modern Medieval twist to the main plot, and BioSh0ck's astonishing conclusion, and well Grand Theft Auto's gangster feel. This is what video games are supposed to be like, more like a movie that captivates you and pulls you into the setting. Kudos game creators every where, and if you ever go on strike, I won't buy!!!!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Old Pi Video

I didn't think I'd need this video for anything but a laugh. Turns out I do. We have a decimals of pi memorization contest and I'm using this song to help me remember. Hopefully it will be stuck in my head just like the first time I heard it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Barack Obama (the truth revealed)

I searched Barack Obama and this came up. Boy was I pissed. This man defaced pictures, callede Barack Obama and all people with names that sound like Osama, terrorists. He did not even list any facts to support his opinion, nor did he give reasoning for any of it. I've been seeing videos like this all over the web. I don't understand why morons post crap like this, or why iif they do, do not fully do any research or backround information about it. That video I posted on the previous blog, was just as bad. I'll say that even though I'm not a Clinton supporter.

Hillary Clinton Exposed:2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

video. Actually not relevant in any way. Just for fun. But still vote for Obama!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

I Do Say, Not Often Do I.

On a recent note. I was given the lead role of Nathan Detroit in the theatrical musical of "Guys and Dolls". No, I have not challenged the ranting antics of Mr. PieX who masturbates to Princess Peach. That is a lie. Among other things is the very immaturely given statment of not calling Mr. Pie gay. He is actually gay for Mr. Bill Clinton, and I do not mean to offend anyone here. I do not think I am, and I hope you won't take it that way. The reason for posting the blog is very simple and obvious. Barack "turtle head" Obama will win presidency or at least be the democratic nominee. Once again, I hope my friend anyone with his vulgar manner, and Hitler like beliefs. Alas be the end of thy post.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thanks for Reminding Me You Jerk!!

This is why we love John McCain.

If He's Good For Zombie Kid, He's Good For Me

I like Barack "turtle head" Obama

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Hero's Strike

The Writer's Strike is Over..... great for everyone, except for the super heroes of the U.S. We are still getting payed less than an ignorant, 16 year old working at McDonald's. It's not "Teenage Wasteland" any more, no "It's Wasted Hero Land". Sure, we do it for the devotion, selfness, and overall, entertainment, but geeezzzzzzzz.......... Come on, are we supposed to live off an occasional thank you? Some of us aren't even old enough to work. So, until you people start appreciating our time, instead of accusing us of "hurting the economy", then you better start taking better care of your children. Maybe I'll have more time to blog, or play some 360.

Sorry for any inconveniance....................

Friday, February 29, 2008

What's the Deal On These New Jonas Brothers Guys?

Apparently everything.......For the last couple of months, I've heard the names: Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Nick Jonas pop up everywere. Turns out, they're the new teen pop craze, and all the girls are after them. I personally, have no interest in them what so ever, or any of these "popular bands", because quite frankly, the're not that good. Alot of older people, claim that music these days is horrible compared to the yesteryear, but I've got to agree with them. 80% of it actually is. Maybe it's just the fact that I was raised on good music, but what good music is to me, might be different to other people. Honestly though, at least these artists write creative and original lyrics.

The Gay Study

My friend and I who are totally heterosexual and are loud and proud, and are not ashamed of being happy unlike every other straight person, decided to make a sacrificial study. Both of us have girlfriends, and so we did not find anything humiliating about pretending to be gay. We apologize for anybody who is offended by this. So, we were bored and walking away from school, and got this bright idea to walk around with our arms around the other persons shoulder while yelling "We're loud proud". As we walked past stores, many woman either waved politely or laughed at us. The bus driver and everyone on the bus were entertained by this, and so it seemed as if every one's response was positive, except for one guy who gave us an ugly look, which we expected. We decided to stop by a store that had a rainbow flag hanging from the roof, and sold books on karmasutra or how ever you say it, I don't know to much about it so.... Of course we couldn't help but laugh while we were inside, but suprisingly we weren't kicked out. We then got our nails did, and had some sushi. Although everyone's response was positive, everyone acted as if they had not seen this before. Just something to think about.
Once again, I, nor my friend is gay, but we would not be ashamed to admit it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Don't Say I Told You So

As being one of the only 31,000,000 people who saw the Oscars, I will not be the only one to tell you that it was at the least bit entertaining. Aside from the gilts and glamor of Hollywood, Hollywood actually didn't win Oscar this year. Every Academy Award receiver was foreign to this country. Javier Bardem for supporting actor, is Spanish from Spain. Tilda Swinton for supporting actress, is from up across the Atlantic. Marion Cotlard for best actress, is from France, while best actor winner Daniel Day Lewis is from Europe.

As I mentioned on my earlier post, No Country For Old Men would, and did win many Oscars. Yes many as in 4! Directors, Ethan and Joel Cohen won for best directors. It also won for best adapted screen play and best film. And then of course, Mr. Bardem was selected for best supporting. I was correct on each of these nominations, and also for Ratatouille and Diablo Cody. In case you were wondering, what Javier Bardem said in Spanish was, " This is for you mother, all my teachers, all of my family and Spain. Oh, and no nominations for 3:10 to Yuma.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

From Virginia Tech too NIU

I do not know much about this issue yet, because this sorrow event just hit headlines, but I will update when I find more. Ealier this day, a unknown man walked into the Cole Hall at Norther Illinois University with a shotgun, and a pistol, and shot and injured18 students, four critically injured. Non have been reported killed yet, but the man commited sucide shortly after, and so posed no ongoing threat. This happenedinear the Chicago area, where I live, and so of course it was breaking news. This just makes you think about the Virginia Tech massacre, and the amount of pain and shock it caused people around the globe. This just proves that it's not over, and it will never be. Just the recent shooting at a school campus since Columbine. Brings up the whole issue on gun control. As I said, I will post more as they reveal information.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl 41 suckfest

Of course, I'm guessing everyone at least caught a glimpse of the Superbowl, and the final score of the game. If you didn't, it was 17, 14, NY Giants. The greataest upset in Super Bowl history. 80% of non Giants fans, thought that the Boston Patriotswere to pund on the Giants, and the score would be at least 19-0 abviously, that was not the case at all. Both teams played horrible offense, and the Giants won solely by their incredible Defense that decided to show up in the last game of the season. The one that counted the most. So, yes I do admit that the Giants truly deserved to win, and there's nothing anybody could say to contradict that. They won fair and square, and if anything, the Pats did cheat, themselves, during the season, by alledgedly video taping plays, and reviewing them to learn each teams moves. If you know Eli Manning(Quaterback of the Giants) then you know his brother Payton( Quarterback for the Colts, and yes the team that won the Super Bowl last year), but did you know that their father, Archie Manning, is a hall-of-famer? And that both sons are heading down the same path? Pretty cool gene pool. Overall, it was a horrible game, and the only thing that made up for that, was the commercials, and maybe Tom Petty. Although I could not tell if he was lip singing. Oh, yeah, and Tom Brady sucked.

For those that are sports knowledge impaired, I have written a word key.

Defense: A position in which a team must stop the oppenent from gaining any yardage( runs)

Offense: A position in which a team has to try and get the ball to the other end of the field, either by running, or catching the ball, or a combonation of both.

Tom Petty: Country-Rock/pop/Blure Grass singer/guitarist who came out with such sungs as: " Free Fallin", " Runnin' Down A Dream", " American Girl", and " Last Dance With Mary Jane"

Quarterback: Person who throws the ball( he's the only one that can)

Dark, Dark, Darker, Darkest, Depressing, Depressing, More Depressing, Most Depressing....

Anyone who has lived in the Chicago area, knows how depressing forecast in Chicago, IL can be. I just found how. Before I left, I remember Shannon telling me something about how it's so dark outside you won't want to get up. I can't tell you how much she was right. Everyday, I must walk/take the bus home in the freezing cold temp., and the gloomy, foggy weather. There's not much a person can do, but think provident thoughts, and eat alot of fruits, oh, and sleep with a small night light. Supposedly, the light waves send signals to your brain, happy signals. Stuff like this makes me wish I was back in the city of sin.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rambo Bad, Meet The Spartans, Horrible!!

I should have posted this earlier, but I just haven't been motivated to blog. SO you get double!!! Alright, so of course I saw Rambo, I figured it wouldn't be Oscar worthy, but at least entertaining or in this case, actually viewable. Well, it turned out to be a huge dissapointment. With horrbible acting, over acting, under-acting, and well, too-far-fetched action. Like the explosions that blow people into pieces, and the claymore that has the power and distance of an atomic bomb. The worst part about this movie, is Sylvester Stallone himself. Have you ever kept a hot dog in the microwave for too long, and it shrivels up? Well, that's exactly how he looks. Not to mentio that you can't understand 75% of the things he says. So overall, don't see this movie unless you want to regret it. Grade D-(for an attempt)

Meet The Spartans, is one of those movies you expect to be bad, but you see anyways just in case. For the past few years, a few writers have been well "writing" movies that are pretty much spin-offs of Scary Movie. Each one has been horrible, and this ones no different. Absolutely no humor at all, of course, unless your a mindless teen-ager. D-

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Joker's Last Laugh(sadly)

I'm sure everyone has heard already, but for those who haven't; Heath Ledger was found dead in his New York apartment on January 22nd, 2008 at the very young age of 28. The police claim it seemed accidental, and his body contained some type of medication. He was known for such roles as: Mel Gibson's son in " The Patriot", A homo-sexual cowboy in "Broke Back Mountain", and most recently, Bob Dylan, in the film"I'm Not There". He also just wrapped up filming the new Batman film as the joker. He will be respected as a loving father, and a great actor. Many said he had potential to be as great as JAmes Dean, but in my opinion; he was. The Legend will live on.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Master Debaters

Less depressing then the story of Emmite Till, but yet very inspiring, The Great Debaters over satasifies. So far, this is the only movie that deserves no less than 3 awards for it's great contribution to cinema, and what a break from stupidity it is. Denzel Washington both stars, and directs this film, but don't worry, this is not the only thing going for this movie. Produced by Oprah!!!!! No, that's not it either. Recently in school, we have started this thing call EXPLORATORIUM which stands for nothing. It's a subject were we investigate into random topics that we would like to know more about, and now we are doing the civil rights movement. Boy, was I lucky this movie came out. I knew the4 basics about the movement, and segregation, but this movie gave me huge idea of what black teens had to live through in the early 1900's. Not only that, but it's a very feel good movie, and although I'd hate to admit it, I almost cried about 4 times. Actually, who cares if I cry? Men do it too. Forest Whitakers son also stars as one of the students at Wiley College Of Negros.

Bottom Line: Must See Movie!!!! Grade: A-

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Sound Of Music

Recently, I have recieved Rock Band for the Xbox 360 on Christmas day. I had been filled with anticipation for the last month waiting to finally play this damn game. I take out the game, and all the other parts that come with it, and start assembling the drum set, which requires only minor assembly. I had a small group of people that wanted to play from the start, which included Brian, Claudia, Myself. If you a freindly with Claudia in any way, then you know she would sing under any circumstance, and she is pretty knowledgeable about music. So I picked up my authentic drum sticks, and started playing random rythyms. Rock Band comes with a guitar, drum set, and a USB microphone that can be subtituted by any. So, of course, Claudia wanted to sing to songs like "Wave Of Mutalation", and " Say it Aint So", but I could not figure out how to plug in the microphone to the system for 4 days. I decided to do a drum solo, and show off a little bit, and boy did I look like a fool. I had always wanted to play the real drums in my life, and when I heard that if you could play Rock Band on expert mode, then you can play the real drums fairly well, I was thrilled. I started off on easy, and barely hit single 4/4 notes, but then it got challenging with the bass, and the double note streaks. So, I sucked it up. Actually, I didn't feel so bad, because everyone else did also. After the next couple days,I started to practice a little, or alot, and became good enough to play on Hard mode!!! I could play Boston on hard mode!!!! I felt like i discovered another hidden talent that I had to develop, and I felt the urge to joing a real band, and become rock star!!! I now listen to music in a different way, and play close attention to the drum part, and realize all the the work that a drummer goes through, and the little credit that he/she gets. I've even been writing my own songs, and stuff. Thanks Rock Band!!!