Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wow!!!! What a secret!!!

I have a secret!!!! I can't tell it's news!!! It might be good news!!! You'll have to find out when I blog at home.. Yes my home is Vegas!! I'm going to try to get Hero insurance by the way.. They give me 300 dollars a day!!! Kind of like Welfare!!! Oh, and it comes out of your taxes!!!

Good Catlad, Good Catlad...

Catlad lost weight!!!!!! Alot!!!!!! He eats fish!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Juno is a captivating, sweet, feel-good, comedy about life of one teen, who becomes pregnant, and decided to put up a planned adoption. From thr start of this movie, the laughs start pouring in, and I'm sure that anyone who has been to highschool can some what, relate to the writing. It is as if it was written by somone in highschool. But don't let this fool you, it is not one of those raunchy, stupidious, high school movies; no it's alot more. There isn't enough positive things I can say about this moive, but it is definitely a break from the recent movies I've seen. Not only is the writing good, but the actors are very convincing, and you can feel their emotions with out them saying or throwing it in your face. Now, it is not as funny as SuperBad, but it is alot deeper in the sense that it tells a story of a young woman maturing. You'll notice how artsy this movie is, but that does not stop it from being my comedy pick for the Oscars. Oh, and it was nomitated for best comedy at the Golden Globes. We will see who will win Dewey Cox!!!!

Casting: Jennifer Garner, Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Jason Bateman, J.K. Simmons, Allison Janey.
Final Grade: A

Friday, December 14, 2007

Stem Cells and Bush

Over the last few decades, scientists have been studying Stem Cells. They found that by using stem cells that can reproduce skin cells, they can copy these stem cells to replace other cells, and help cure diseases. I call this "The Stem Cell Revolution". Stem Cells are capable of renewing them selves through a process called mitotic cell division. Mitosis is a when a cell copies it's cromosomes in the cell nucleus. They are the only cells which can turn into any other skin cell in the human body. This can help handicap people strengthen their body, and their organ structure. Of course, this there has to be a negative affect or issue that comes along with this. Scientists have been using human embryonic stem cells that come from, well of course embryoms. Embryoms seem to carry the same characteristics of a stem cell. During the study, and testing of this, the embryoms have died. YOu can smell controversy can't you? Many religious people believe that this is just like abortion in the sense that your'e killing a human life form. I disagree fully, because they can only use the stem cells from an embryom untill it becomes 2 months. KEy Word: IT. Within 2 months, when does a group of cells become a living life form? Not within 2 months. OF course Bush has to stick his nose in stuff that he probably doesn't understand. Just trying to be politicaly correct after the Iraq war stunt. Talk about conservative. Yeeshh. There is also fortunate news. In recent news, scientists have discovered a way to study stem cells without destroying embryos. They have learned that stem cells can be copied with single-cell biopsy. So of course, Bush is happy. As long as they are not killing embryos I'll support them, he says. Yet, he will only fund them to a certain exstant. Then it's up to them to figure it out on their own.

Blog about this

Time To Start Writing Citizens!!!!!!!

It's time to start the debate. I will choose the topic, and start out writing about it my feelings on this particular issue. PAss on the cheer, and have a very merry blogging.

The first topic is Stem Cell Copying and Study.

I Am a Big Dissapointment

I could feel the excitement rushing through my veins about 8 hours before the movie. This is gonna be good, oh yeah this is gonna be good. What a lie I told myself. I really wanted to enjoy "I Am Legend, and I even lost sleep over it.(I saw the midnight showing) As I explained in a previous post, I had read the original novel " I Am Legend" by Richard Mattheson. As I read the first few pages of it, I was drawn to it's compelling story, but the movie is nothing like that at all. It starts of pretty well, and at te upmost exciting. The only problem so far, is that Robert Neville is a scientist/marine, and in the book, he is just a regular guy who finds himself in a certainly, unfortunate situation as the last man on earth. That's ok, it has to be some what Hollywood like right? They use cheesy Hollywood effects way to much in this movie to begin with. Ii would have to say that the relationship between him in the dog was done pretty well, but it was still starting to miss alot of key story elements fouund in the book. Like the most exciting part of it!!! People who have read the book will know what I am talking about. So pretty much it is entertaining until the 3rd part of the movie. The writing jusut started to slack alot!! It is almost as if the writer's strike took place during the writing of this film, or the writers read the first chapter of the book, and decided to do it on their own. Final Score: a hugely dissapointing C+

The Big Reveal

Well, I guess nobody wanted to guess who's but that was on my post "DA CELL".

Anyway, it was: It was, IT was, hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it, ok seriously it was JEnnifer Lovie, Lovie Hewitte. The media called her fat after spotting her at the beach with her man. She denied it (being fat part), and said to screw off.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Golden Compass is simply bitter.

I just got finished with watching The Golden Compass. At first, the story seems kind of interesting, or HArry Potter like. A girl sees something she shoudn't, and is thrown into adventure. After awhile though, the story starts dragging. Great acting, but the movie seems to put you in a sleepy trance. At the same time, you tell yourself that this is a good movie, you just need to apreciate it for what it is. Long!!!! This does not ruin the movie...... But I think that it's simply marvelous... So enjoyably dull with great action. See what I did there? Interesting, but not very repetetive, and slow paced. You should definitely see this movie for it's Polar Bear fight. Micheal Vick does not have a cameo in this movie, sorry. Oh, and one more thing, if youv'e heard that this movie is very anti-christ, then you have heard wrong. I didn't catch anything like that.

"I keep on Fallin" on my @$$!

It has stopped snowing in Chicago, but that doesn't mean there is no Ice. Yes, I'm afraid snow has turned to ICe, and all of the sidewalks have turned into death traps. These are the events that happened today, in this order:

1. I walk out of my Uncle's house, and fall on my tush.

2. Walk towards bus stop. Don't get very far before I fall again.

3. Get back up, and 3 steps later I fall again.

4. NExt block walking down the street, and fall. Emberassing.

5. Walking right next to the bus stop. I fall once again.

6. Walking toward my house. I fall, but this time even harder!!

7. Later in the evening, I'm with my father throwing out the trash, and guess what? I fall.

8. Walking out of BLock Buster, I fall at the light. Some guy asks if I'm ok. What does it look like.

9. Same light, and the same guy. I fall once again. This time the guy just looks at me weird.

This is all very true. No adjustments. Total of 9 times in one day.

Speed Racer, Go!!!! Umm... No!!!

Oh my gosh, I can't tell you how hyped I was about te new Speed Racer movie, that is until I saw th actuall trailer. Wow!!! Does that look horrible. I mean like a Gigli horrible. I mean like a Garfield The Movie horrible. I know what they say about judging a movie by it's trailer, but just by watching those scenes, I can already tell it will be a disaster. It's very unfortunate for fans, but then I think. It's Speed Racer, and what the hell are they to do with that? I

I have already got my tickets for the 12:00 showing of I AM LEgend on Thursday. I will take a long nap that day, and wake up at 8:00. Hopefully, that's enough sleep.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I am Legend

If anyone has been to the movies lately, then you have seen the I Am Legend preview. In my opinion, I think that the little hint of the movie seems quite AWESOME!!!! This movie is based on a book by Richard Matheson also titled I AM Legend. Richard Matheson is considered the Godfather of horror by many. I will say that this is the best horror, and drama story I have read. For most of the book, it only contains one character, scratch that 1 human. This is a perfect man and his best friend story. It is both compelling, and chilling while keeping your eyes pealed too the very end. What an ending it has. Robert Neville, is the last man on Earth. By day, he cruises around in his Mustang, organizing food, and playing golf on rooftops. By night, he borders up his home and sits awaiting with his gun. He can hear the screeching, howling whisper's outside of his barricade. He can't hold them off for long.

The Master Debaters (hehe)

No, it is not a whomever can post the most contest, because that is not very difficult for me. It is a debate between problems in society, like: abortion, The Death Penalty, Politics, and who will be president next year. The people who participate will blog about there opinion on a problem, and who ever can explain and support their's will win. Yes, I did make it up. We will vote on what the problem will be.

Respond If Interested!!!!!!!

Head of The School!!! (not so much)

Well, I was elected student council member for my class, but that wasn't very satisfying. It turns out that 4 people applied for student council, and 4 names were announced. That means that everyone that applied got the job. Democracy went way down the drain. Not to sound like a communist, but I want more freedom!!!! In other crappy school news, we just got finished with the school dance. WOW, did that suck. Of course, I danced, but nobody else did. So, I called my friend and told them what a sucky party/dance it was. My friends gave me allot of crap for it though.

IT was a joke.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Da Cell

Who's butt is this?

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow, NO!!!

If you have been watching the latest weather forcst around the country, then you already know that well..... Chicago is snowing, alot. I woke up on a Saturday morning to find that there was a bunch of white percipatation falling on the roofs of houses, and on the ground. In Las Vegas, as some of you already know, it hardly ever snows. If it does, it's only about 50 degrees. So my first thought was to run outside, and play with my cousins.( whos house I was staying at) Only my eldest cousin felt like going outside, but that's ok more snowballs in his face. When I walked outside, I discovered that it was freezing. Quite literally. The land that I walked out to was a freezer full of snow, and ice. It's ok, i can handle a little cold I thought. So we started to throw snowballs, and there wasn't much damage. Then we made snow angels. After an 2 hours, we decided to go back in. My whole body smelt like fish, because of the snow, and so I took off the jacket. A couple of hours went by, and we wee about to go out for a party. When I walked outside, I fell on my gluteus maximus. Yes a**. Snow turned to rain, and the ground was frozen, along with the cars. It also didn't help that the sky turned gloomy. That was my first snow day in Chicago. No more please, unless it is warm.