Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mrs. Karolyi

If you were alive to watch the olympics in which Nadia Comaneche  stunned the world with an amazing, perfect 10 performance. Then you probably remember Bela Karolyi, her coach. For the past week, Bela has been commentating through the gymnastics segment of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Of course, all he says is that the Americans actually have to try to win. Words of wisdom.  Bela retired a couple years back, but  since has passed on his coaching skills to his wife, Martha. She coaches  the American gymnastics team with a heavy training course, but It was obviously not heavy enough from what we saw yesterday.* It seems the American's could not perform without at least two mistakes. 
Bela Karolyi and Alicia Sacramone blamed the faulty performance on Chinese officials, claiming that they maid Alicia wait awhile between courses. All claims were denied. 
In my opinion, I don't think it's the time lapse. I just think they need to stop texting and face-booking on their iphones between performances. Kinda' breaks their concentration.

*China beat USA by a landslide

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Best Furniture Deal In The History Of Man Kind, Ever

So Brian, Claudia, and I were out all over town today browsing and carousing at modern furniture.  One of my personal favorite hotspots, Design  and Concept happened to maneuver itself onto the list of places we needed to hit up. The owner there, happens to be my homie, so I was pretty stoked about stopping in and saying "whassup". 
After a few hours of doing(or looking at) the weird stuff, we came across what Brian believes is "the ultimate bad-ass chair for designer-like guys" or also known as the Eeams. Supposedly, he's wanted it for quite some time now, and when he discovered that Design and Concept was carrying these; he just had to get a quote. The price came out to be 2 grand a piece, and Brian wanted two. Chuck, the owner, is a nice, sensitive guy who is normally willing to compromise prices, and so Brian decided to try and talk him down. The following is the exact conversation Brian and Chuck exchanged: Chuck: I'll give them to you for 2gs. Brian: What if I buy two? Chuck: About 4,000. The conversation was followed by sheer awkward silence.

Now, I don't know if Chuck knew what Brian was talking about, but I think that was one for the books. Please don't let this discourage you from shopping at Chuck's!!!!

Conclusion: Brian ended up purchasing two Eeams chairs from Lawrence's at 750 each. Oh, and you're going to love Brian and Claudia's new house!!!!!!!