Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Catlad is coming to town (and yes he does know if you are nody)

That's right folks, Cat Lad is coming to town, and he's bringin his Chicago attitude (just joking). Expect to see him in your neighberhood around the 21st-6 of December, and January. Be prepared and Feared Vegas!!!! Hurrr!!!

Anyone want to join a Rock Band?

In other news that nobody in particular cares about, they new "Rock Band" game has been released. The game contains a guitar, drum set, and microhone, which runs for about 200 dollars. Altough, the price sounds ridiculous, once you play you will feel like it was worth every penny. It plays in the style of DDR or Guitar Hero ( if any body has played that). It features music from "Weezer, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Pepers, Hole, Pixies, and much, much more. Go onto rockband.com for more info if interested.

Shannon for 08 fund raiser

Please donate 50 dollars to Shannon. Any donation will be accepted, and will be very appreciated. She takes yen, credit, pounds, pesos, and american bills. Please join us as we raise a woman who can become the best president ever, and replace the worst ever. No plagerism there Brad.

Friday, November 23, 2007

the hitman hits theatres

The movie " Hitman" has recently come out in theatres. The movie was based on a video game by EIDOS studios about an assasin who was trained since the day he was born. Timothy Olyphant plays "Agent 47" the trained assasin who has orders to kill the president of Russia. He meets a woman who he was also assigned to kill named Nina Boronina. They began to have a romance, and share a secret (for him, not much). At first, I was skeptical about the casting, even when the movie started, but after awhile he started to fit the role. The movie is very entertaining, and will remain loyal to the fans, but the relationship between 47 and Nina, seems thrown in, and useless, actually I would prefer her not to be in. So, if you are looking for a fast-paced, exciting, but non romantic flick, then this is for you. It will also probably remind you of The Bourne Identity, except not as good. Final Grade: B

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Communists control our children!!

Lately, I have felt that our country's democracy has not been used correctly. I have recently signed up for the student council at my school. At my previous schools in Vegas, students got to choose, and vote for their president, vice president, treasurer, and officer. At the school I am at in Chicago, the students actually do not vote for them. There is one teacher whos says if you are in or not, and there isn't even positions. I still wrote a speach, and presented it, but felt like saying something about this, and maybe I will soon. Any advice? note: What will happen in 2084, Big Brother?

Get ready, get set, prepare!!!!

Vote Shannon for 08!!!!!
Our country needs a change, so why not have someone who actually knows spanish, and is for abortion? Shannon has helped the language challenged for almost 5 years!!! Teaching how to properly pronounce the word "SHEET". Besides, who else would you vote for, Ron Paul? Just a small donation of 50 dollars can make all the difference.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Has anyone heard the new Kid Rock song "Amen" if not, then you are lucky, but all I have to say is this; his career is over.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Country for Oscars

"No COuntry For Old Men" is a must-see movie, and in my opinion the best of the year. Yes, that's right better than Yuma. This suspense film will keep you hanging to the very end hoping for more. This is the Cohen Brother's best film yet, and the best reviewed film yet. It's got great performances(especially Javier Bardem as a psychopathic killer who you will see visions of even after the movie is finished) by Javier Bardem, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, and Kelly Macdonald. Sypnosis: A man (Brolin) stumbles upon a drug- deal gone bad, and finds a suit-case full of cash. He later finds out that a driven-man is hunting him down. A masterpiece of a film, this is my pick for oscar winner.

What does it take to be a super hero?

  • tight spandex of course

  • Devotion to saving lives

  • A cool catchy name like quicky mickey

  • A catch phrase, DUH!!! like ROWW!!!! I'm Catlad HHHHHHEEEEE!!!

  • some type of power or weapon

  • Super Villains like: Bad Man Dan or Ice Cold Killa Millian or Rapie!! RUFFER THe DOG or Enid

  • A super hot or tool side-kick; Kitty child or Robin boy

  • A freagin Lotus!!!!(the car)

What is an emo?

What is an emo you ask? Well, an emo is an adjective for someone who thinks their life is just not perfect, and so they think that they must kill themselves. 99.9 percent of them don't, but there is a consiparacy or FAD about the fact that your life sucks so you must kill yourself. Don't ask why, that's just society these days. I guess, emo is also a type of fashion style or type of music. Emo's usually have long hair or moptops, and listen to Independent music. Emo is short for emotional which is what these people are. This is an emo above.