Friday, February 29, 2008

What's the Deal On These New Jonas Brothers Guys?

Apparently everything.......For the last couple of months, I've heard the names: Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Nick Jonas pop up everywere. Turns out, they're the new teen pop craze, and all the girls are after them. I personally, have no interest in them what so ever, or any of these "popular bands", because quite frankly, the're not that good. Alot of older people, claim that music these days is horrible compared to the yesteryear, but I've got to agree with them. 80% of it actually is. Maybe it's just the fact that I was raised on good music, but what good music is to me, might be different to other people. Honestly though, at least these artists write creative and original lyrics.

The Gay Study

My friend and I who are totally heterosexual and are loud and proud, and are not ashamed of being happy unlike every other straight person, decided to make a sacrificial study. Both of us have girlfriends, and so we did not find anything humiliating about pretending to be gay. We apologize for anybody who is offended by this. So, we were bored and walking away from school, and got this bright idea to walk around with our arms around the other persons shoulder while yelling "We're loud proud". As we walked past stores, many woman either waved politely or laughed at us. The bus driver and everyone on the bus were entertained by this, and so it seemed as if every one's response was positive, except for one guy who gave us an ugly look, which we expected. We decided to stop by a store that had a rainbow flag hanging from the roof, and sold books on karmasutra or how ever you say it, I don't know to much about it so.... Of course we couldn't help but laugh while we were inside, but suprisingly we weren't kicked out. We then got our nails did, and had some sushi. Although everyone's response was positive, everyone acted as if they had not seen this before. Just something to think about.
Once again, I, nor my friend is gay, but we would not be ashamed to admit it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Don't Say I Told You So

As being one of the only 31,000,000 people who saw the Oscars, I will not be the only one to tell you that it was at the least bit entertaining. Aside from the gilts and glamor of Hollywood, Hollywood actually didn't win Oscar this year. Every Academy Award receiver was foreign to this country. Javier Bardem for supporting actor, is Spanish from Spain. Tilda Swinton for supporting actress, is from up across the Atlantic. Marion Cotlard for best actress, is from France, while best actor winner Daniel Day Lewis is from Europe.

As I mentioned on my earlier post, No Country For Old Men would, and did win many Oscars. Yes many as in 4! Directors, Ethan and Joel Cohen won for best directors. It also won for best adapted screen play and best film. And then of course, Mr. Bardem was selected for best supporting. I was correct on each of these nominations, and also for Ratatouille and Diablo Cody. In case you were wondering, what Javier Bardem said in Spanish was, " This is for you mother, all my teachers, all of my family and Spain. Oh, and no nominations for 3:10 to Yuma.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

From Virginia Tech too NIU

I do not know much about this issue yet, because this sorrow event just hit headlines, but I will update when I find more. Ealier this day, a unknown man walked into the Cole Hall at Norther Illinois University with a shotgun, and a pistol, and shot and injured18 students, four critically injured. Non have been reported killed yet, but the man commited sucide shortly after, and so posed no ongoing threat. This happenedinear the Chicago area, where I live, and so of course it was breaking news. This just makes you think about the Virginia Tech massacre, and the amount of pain and shock it caused people around the globe. This just proves that it's not over, and it will never be. Just the recent shooting at a school campus since Columbine. Brings up the whole issue on gun control. As I said, I will post more as they reveal information.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl 41 suckfest

Of course, I'm guessing everyone at least caught a glimpse of the Superbowl, and the final score of the game. If you didn't, it was 17, 14, NY Giants. The greataest upset in Super Bowl history. 80% of non Giants fans, thought that the Boston Patriotswere to pund on the Giants, and the score would be at least 19-0 abviously, that was not the case at all. Both teams played horrible offense, and the Giants won solely by their incredible Defense that decided to show up in the last game of the season. The one that counted the most. So, yes I do admit that the Giants truly deserved to win, and there's nothing anybody could say to contradict that. They won fair and square, and if anything, the Pats did cheat, themselves, during the season, by alledgedly video taping plays, and reviewing them to learn each teams moves. If you know Eli Manning(Quaterback of the Giants) then you know his brother Payton( Quarterback for the Colts, and yes the team that won the Super Bowl last year), but did you know that their father, Archie Manning, is a hall-of-famer? And that both sons are heading down the same path? Pretty cool gene pool. Overall, it was a horrible game, and the only thing that made up for that, was the commercials, and maybe Tom Petty. Although I could not tell if he was lip singing. Oh, yeah, and Tom Brady sucked.

For those that are sports knowledge impaired, I have written a word key.

Defense: A position in which a team must stop the oppenent from gaining any yardage( runs)

Offense: A position in which a team has to try and get the ball to the other end of the field, either by running, or catching the ball, or a combonation of both.

Tom Petty: Country-Rock/pop/Blure Grass singer/guitarist who came out with such sungs as: " Free Fallin", " Runnin' Down A Dream", " American Girl", and " Last Dance With Mary Jane"

Quarterback: Person who throws the ball( he's the only one that can)

Dark, Dark, Darker, Darkest, Depressing, Depressing, More Depressing, Most Depressing....

Anyone who has lived in the Chicago area, knows how depressing forecast in Chicago, IL can be. I just found how. Before I left, I remember Shannon telling me something about how it's so dark outside you won't want to get up. I can't tell you how much she was right. Everyday, I must walk/take the bus home in the freezing cold temp., and the gloomy, foggy weather. There's not much a person can do, but think provident thoughts, and eat alot of fruits, oh, and sleep with a small night light. Supposedly, the light waves send signals to your brain, happy signals. Stuff like this makes me wish I was back in the city of sin.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rambo Bad, Meet The Spartans, Horrible!!

I should have posted this earlier, but I just haven't been motivated to blog. SO you get double!!! Alright, so of course I saw Rambo, I figured it wouldn't be Oscar worthy, but at least entertaining or in this case, actually viewable. Well, it turned out to be a huge dissapointment. With horrbible acting, over acting, under-acting, and well, too-far-fetched action. Like the explosions that blow people into pieces, and the claymore that has the power and distance of an atomic bomb. The worst part about this movie, is Sylvester Stallone himself. Have you ever kept a hot dog in the microwave for too long, and it shrivels up? Well, that's exactly how he looks. Not to mentio that you can't understand 75% of the things he says. So overall, don't see this movie unless you want to regret it. Grade D-(for an attempt)

Meet The Spartans, is one of those movies you expect to be bad, but you see anyways just in case. For the past few years, a few writers have been well "writing" movies that are pretty much spin-offs of Scary Movie. Each one has been horrible, and this ones no different. Absolutely no humor at all, of course, unless your a mindless teen-ager. D-