Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Great Return Of The Weeze

I recently discovered that Weezer is coming out with a new album hitting stores on June 3rd which is only 2 days away. Here is a sample song of the upcoming album. I really enjoyed this track, mainly because it doesn't sell out and stays truthful to the hardcore fans. It seems to sound a little close to the Pinkerton album which is regarded as the fans' favorite. If you pay close attention to the lyrics, you can hear many references to pop-culture. Of course, this isn't anything new from Rivers Cuomo and his already perfection of the art. Thus, specifically the line " Timbaland reached the top of the charts, if I work with him I can perfect the art", was also included in an interview by a magazine that I can not recall. I do know that Cuomo has some type of an appreciation for Timbaland. the video contains cameo appearances by Britney's very own Crocker, and as amny of you know, Kelly. They aren't just edited clips with Rivers, Kelly actually came in to shoot the video. One thing I found very funny, is Gung Ho G.I. Joe commercial from the 80's in which Gung Ho trys to encourage children to stay away from drugs. This like many other songs are somewhat nerdy, yet I think many people can relate to Weezer. This album is sure to be a hit. If you go onto you can hear one other song from the self-titled red album.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Please, Please, Don't Over Do It With The Patriotism!!

I decided to bring up the "issue" of patriotism. Oh yes, I said issue, because it seems the media makes a huge deal about a candidate when he/she does not wear a flag pin on their lapel. I swear to you I'm not even kidding. I was watching the presidential debate the other month on television, and noticed that the interviewers or people who ask questions or whatever you call them, decided to leave out important issues in society, like the Iraq war, the so called recession, and immigration. Perfect time to do it since the actual election is in November. It did not end their, no, that's actually where started it. It's not about race, or sex anymore, it's about who could get the most media attention. This might be speculation, but I'm guessing the reason is that the Super Delegates have already made their decision. Senator Obama brought a good point during the debate. He tried to make people aware of the growing problem that questions like these cause. He said that we need to focus on real issues in society, instead of petty concerns on why he doesn't were a piece of material on his coat. Is it because he's secretly a terrorist? He shows his patriotism by helping make America a better place. During the last election, candidate John Kerry tried winning over Republicans by going on stage and saluting the troops in Iraq. He immediately lost the candidacy after that.

Monday, May 5, 2008

More Of A Promise, Than An Action

So for about a week and a half, my allergies suddenly started come up on me. There's must be a virus os some sort flowing through the warm, humid air of chicago, because I do not own any cats. First, I started off with a huge migraine, which turned into a very itchy eye. I was made fun of in class for coming to school with pink eye, even when the nurse tried to explain to me that it was just allergies. Once again, it's just the maturity of some. Now, I'm not saying I'm made fun of in class consistently, I'm only expressing my feeling of depression toward being "sick". This very well could be the reason for my absence of posting for the last few weeks. I apologize for my daily readers, who ever you are. Do not worry!!!!! JEsse Munoz's blogging game will float again!!! My boy's here will let you know when in it is. -Jesse Munoz (Parody of Nathan Detroit character played by Jesse Munoz)