Tuesday, July 22, 2008

He's The God Damn Batman!!!!!

Yesterday, news was released that Christian Bale had allegedly assaulted his mother and sister. The British actor turned himself in for no apparent reason when he decided to cooperate with police. Bale denise it, but prefers to resist getting into more trouble. Wether or not he did it is completely out of the question, but what is important is that he provided humor and blogging material for people around the world. Thank you Bale! Even if he did do it, who cares? He's the god damn Batman!!! I look forward to seeing novelty t-shirts of this occurrence in the near future.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

What The Hell Is Rick Rolled?

Supposecdly it's a trick in which you fake a link to a web page or video, and then a video featurign Rick Roll appears. So this is what the internet has come to. *sigh* Oh, well to take the pain away, watch this trailer from the new watchmen movie.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Crack Band Part Deux- No Time For Intervention

As I was flipping through gamespot.com, I noticed a little article mentioning the soon- to be existence of Rock Band 2. What The F***? " They just came out with the first one last November, and now they want me to beg my parents to buy me another $190 game for Christmas"?, I thought. The hefty 200 hundred dollar price tag can actually be avoided, as it turns out. All the instruments from the predecessor are compatible with the latest installment, and after searching through the track list, I'm definitely buying this game!!! It's almost as if every single creator went to a liberal arts school, or at least have an excellent taste of music. If the very thought of being able to sing along with friends to songs such as "Float On" by Modest Mouse, and "You Outa Know" by Alanis Morisette doens't make you wet, then once I list a few more, it will. The instruments aren't much of an improvement, but the guitar is definitely an interesting investment. The drums however, contain a minimum re-design scheme(except for the awesome fact that it's wireless). Another awesome feature that is new, is the ability to be instructed on how to play these songs on a real drum set + the fact that you can free play any downloaded song from your 360. That means any ipod song! You might want to check out of rehab.

Here are a couple other song examples:

Beck- Epro

Disturbed- Down With The Sickness

Jimmy Eat World- The Middle

System Of A Down- Chop Suey

Beastie Boys- So Watch Want

nirvana- Drain You

The Offspring- Gotta' keep Em' Separated

Pearl Jam- Alive

Rage Against The Machine- Testify

RHCP- Give It Away

Smashing Pumpkins- Today

Sound Garden- Spoonman

Bon Jovi- Livin' On A Prayer(you heard me, drunk and belligerent time)

Billy Idol- White Wedding

Duran Duran- Hungry Like The Wolf

Jane's Addiction- Mountain Song

Go Go's- We Got The Beat

Metallica- Battery

Motor Head- The Ace Of Spades

The Replacements-Alex Chilton

Sonic Youth- Teenage Riot

Survivor- Eye Of The Tiger(yes, that one!)

Blondie- One Way, Or Another

Bob Dylan- Tangled Up In Blue

Cheap Trick- Hello There

Journey- Anyway You Want It

Talking Heads- Psycho Killer

and much much more.............

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Your Saturday Funny Video

Since, Cladeedah was unable to supply for you a funny video for your weekend, I have decided to substitute for her. This Video is freakin' hillarious. You may not be able to stop laughing after you hear the end.
In celebration of the Dark Night.

Bangs, I Like

So as usual, I was listening to a TMBG song, and noticed that the lyrics gave an in-depth look at John Linnell's fascination with bangs(yes the ones that are connected to your hair.) Yes, I know it's pretty damn random, but I felt I could somehow connect with this song. I happen to think that females look beautiful with hair covering their eyes. I don't know what it is, but there's just something about it. "Bangs to drape across your for head, to swing like concordant angels as you incline your head"- I couldn't have said it any better. Where do they come up with this stuff?

That said: For the next few days, until I get bored I will try to unravel the mystery that is TMBG's songs. I know it's not in my place, and some of them are just radom, but it sounds like fun!

Wanted- Reward: More than $30 mil!

It's been awhile since I've written a review about a feature film in the theaters, so I decided to get back into it. Today's review is Wanted- an incredibly violent(and incredibly necessary) movie about a fraternity of assasins who recruit a white-collar, average Joe to take on his father's killer. You may have already dubbed this film as a violent Matrix rip-off. That's actually almost exactly what it is, except the film is an adaptation of a Graphic Novel* with the same-title written by Mark Miller*. Don't judge a book by it's cover, and you may find this movie an excellent action flick with no hold-bars, and an awesome twist. The acting is not horrible, and the lead looks alot like John Linnell*. This is not for the squeamish! Angelina Jolie is still hot in this film, so that's definitely a plus. If you like action movies, then you need to go see this movie now!(or buy a They Might Be Giants CD)

Bottom Line: B+

Mark Miller- American comic book writer whom in which did not write Sin City. That's Frank Miller!

Graphic Novel: The proper name for a comic book run.

John Linnell: One of the founding members of the incredible, intelligent-rock band They Might Be Giants. Also #9 on People magazines most beautiful people online poll.