Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Joker's Last Laugh(sadly)

I'm sure everyone has heard already, but for those who haven't; Heath Ledger was found dead in his New York apartment on January 22nd, 2008 at the very young age of 28. The police claim it seemed accidental, and his body contained some type of medication. He was known for such roles as: Mel Gibson's son in " The Patriot", A homo-sexual cowboy in "Broke Back Mountain", and most recently, Bob Dylan, in the film"I'm Not There". He also just wrapped up filming the new Batman film as the joker. He will be respected as a loving father, and a great actor. Many said he had potential to be as great as JAmes Dean, but in my opinion; he was. The Legend will live on.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Master Debaters

Less depressing then the story of Emmite Till, but yet very inspiring, The Great Debaters over satasifies. So far, this is the only movie that deserves no less than 3 awards for it's great contribution to cinema, and what a break from stupidity it is. Denzel Washington both stars, and directs this film, but don't worry, this is not the only thing going for this movie. Produced by Oprah!!!!! No, that's not it either. Recently in school, we have started this thing call EXPLORATORIUM which stands for nothing. It's a subject were we investigate into random topics that we would like to know more about, and now we are doing the civil rights movement. Boy, was I lucky this movie came out. I knew the4 basics about the movement, and segregation, but this movie gave me huge idea of what black teens had to live through in the early 1900's. Not only that, but it's a very feel good movie, and although I'd hate to admit it, I almost cried about 4 times. Actually, who cares if I cry? Men do it too. Forest Whitakers son also stars as one of the students at Wiley College Of Negros.

Bottom Line: Must See Movie!!!! Grade: A-

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Sound Of Music

Recently, I have recieved Rock Band for the Xbox 360 on Christmas day. I had been filled with anticipation for the last month waiting to finally play this damn game. I take out the game, and all the other parts that come with it, and start assembling the drum set, which requires only minor assembly. I had a small group of people that wanted to play from the start, which included Brian, Claudia, Myself. If you a freindly with Claudia in any way, then you know she would sing under any circumstance, and she is pretty knowledgeable about music. So I picked up my authentic drum sticks, and started playing random rythyms. Rock Band comes with a guitar, drum set, and a USB microphone that can be subtituted by any. So, of course, Claudia wanted to sing to songs like "Wave Of Mutalation", and " Say it Aint So", but I could not figure out how to plug in the microphone to the system for 4 days. I decided to do a drum solo, and show off a little bit, and boy did I look like a fool. I had always wanted to play the real drums in my life, and when I heard that if you could play Rock Band on expert mode, then you can play the real drums fairly well, I was thrilled. I started off on easy, and barely hit single 4/4 notes, but then it got challenging with the bass, and the double note streaks. So, I sucked it up. Actually, I didn't feel so bad, because everyone else did also. After the next couple days,I started to practice a little, or alot, and became good enough to play on Hard mode!!! I could play Boston on hard mode!!!! I felt like i discovered another hidden talent that I had to develop, and I felt the urge to joing a real band, and become rock star!!! I now listen to music in a different way, and play close attention to the drum part, and realize all the the work that a drummer goes through, and the little credit that he/she gets. I've even been writing my own songs, and stuff. Thanks Rock Band!!!