Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Creedence Claudia's Revival

So I totally left my Creedence tapes in my stolen car. I then decided to listen to them on Pandora. I like them(got a prob)? I think I once got stoned to them. I don't know, I wouldn't remember anyways...

As The Closing Draws Near

To get you guys all pumped before the second-to last debate this term (hope ya'll now about it), I've decided to display some poll results from the top news stations. I'm  sure you have seen these already, but who cares? (The Republicans probably) It seems our only hope for escape from nuclear disaster, Mr. Barack Obama, is ahead in the poles. For example: he is winning by 6 points on NBC's map, and on CNN's poll, he is up by 8. Now, you may be thinking that this isn't much, but he is winning some otherwise Republican states, and that's pretty crucial. This is the news that Democrats have been waiting to hear, and I strongly believe  that one day people will realize that they made a great choice. McCain's most likely going to have to lie a whole lot  more if he's gonna take this election to hell.