Monday, June 30, 2008

Make A Little Bird House In Your Soul

Bird House In Your Soul!

The Guitar

The Guitar

Don't, Let's Start 2

6- minute Rock Out Of Istanbul, Not Constantinople

video- Istanbul, Not Constantinople.

Go, Ahead Start!

video- Don't Let's Start


Video. Look below The Luck Of The German for full post!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Luck Of The German

I was just made official that I have the worst luck in the world. By luck, I mean not having to work for a prize or cash. Here's the story of the most pissed off weekend of my life.

This weekend, I attended Wizard World Chicago, which is the Chicago comic-convention. I got in for free, because my uncle was an exhibitor, and that was nice, but Rock Band was an aggravating hell. First of all, I'd just like to let you guys know that I personally had to bring my own drum pedal, because WWC is too cheap to replace the one that a fairly large male broke. There's nothing wrong with fairly large males, except when they pound on stuff. So, after a couple rounds of practicing, I find out that they were hosting a contest for the same day and the day after. It took me awhile to gather up a group of really good players(the minimum was 4 players), but we were all psyched up for it. We decided to all do a mediocre song on Expert mode.

We were the 2nd to the last group. What really pissed us off, was that a group took our song after over-hearing us, and completed it all on easy. Their final score was 99,98,94, and 95 percent. When it was finally our turn, we played a difficult song on Expert, and scored 99,98,96, and 74 percent. I scored 98 on drums, and the lead singer got 74 percent- that screwed us up. So as it turns out, the winner is chosen by the band with the best average percentage score with any song, and any difficulty. We got the highest score, but the least amount of average score, mostly because of the singer. Yes, I do realize that we were dumb for not doing it all on easy, but how much street cred would we get? The story doesn't end there, although I know you already lost attention.

The next day my previous bandmates weren't there, but I managed to gather some more geeks. We were all preped and proffesional, and we ended up doing better than yesterday. Our final poerentage score was: 99,100,97, and 97 percent. We all did it on hard, but wasn't enough, because antoher band won by half a percentage point. For example: 99.5. They went home with a box full of statues-an estimated worht of $700. Did I mention they all did it on medium? It was brutal. I did however, happen to get back into DND during the convention, and learned how to play version 4.00. I've got a dungeon master's guide. I've got a 12 sided die.........

Friday, June 27, 2008

Milwaukee Drools, TMBG Rules!

Not to put to fine a point on it, but if someone were to tell me that Milwaukee Wisconsin was the most uninteresting city they've ever been to, first I'd ask them where they have been, and then quickly agree. Drving from Chicago towards Milwaukee, you may spot many interesting things along the way, such as grass, grass, grass, corn, and cows. Fun! We did notice the exit for Weezer's hometown of Kenosha. Damn was it small! The reason for this dull and eye-soring drive was to go and see none other than They Might Be Giants. Yes, John and John. The cost was only $15 for admission since it was inside and apart of Summerfest 08. Apperently, that's all Milwaukee has going for it. Mostly based on the fact that there are permanent signs and billboards all over the town advertising for summerfest, and also the fact that they leave the stages up until the next year.

When we arrived, it wasn't very packed, so that was good. We saw a couple good bands before the TMBG(who were the headliners for their particular stage). One band, as very good, and they went by the name of Electric Touch. DOn't know if any of you have heard of them before, but they sound alot like Franz Ferdinand. They seem to be infulenced a little differently though. The way they dressed kind of reminded me of The Beatles, which later made since when they played an incredible rendition of "Come Together".

A couple of bands played before them, and then it was time for the Mesopotamians. There was a huge fire works display during the beginning of their performance, so it was a little difficult to hear, but their opener was "Dr. Worm", which is one of my personal favorites. Over all that was pretty good, but I missed the brass instrumentals. The next song on their list was "Why Does The Sun Shine" or also known as "The Sun Is A Mass Of Incandescent Gas" or also known as the made-for concert record. They were almost guranteed to play this one. After that, John Flansburgh cracked a few jokes, which were pretty entertaining. He ripped on Bush, he ripped on Gnarls Barkley(the band who played the same time during them), and he praised Dan Miller. If you thought They Might Be Giants cuts back on their weirdness during performances, than your wrong. The whole night consisted of wacky, and entertaining pieces. Bottom Line: They were amazing, and very entertaining, but did not play much of their early tunes. Only 1 from pink, and 1 from apollo18. Their encore performance was "New York City", " Particle Man", and "Maybe I Know". Here are a couple of clips listed above.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rockin' The Boat

just a random video I decided to upload.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Watch This Video

Notice the screaming. Unfortunately, the person who recorded this did not catch the beginning in which I slid out the curtain.

Comic- Cash

As many have predicted, and as you have already heard; our country is leaning near a recession(allegedly). This is based on the fact that many people have lost their jobs due to our struggling economy. Is it? Could be just the price of gas, but you know how hypocrites are.

My uncle, who owns a comic shop has already lost a few of his regular customers for this reason. Yet, the comic and gaming world's economy is growing at a rapid speed. The upcoming summer comic convention (also known to geeks as comic-con) has sold-out of 4 day passes and is reaching that point for Saturday sales. Last year, comic-con recorded a record high of 136,000 attendees. Do people cling on to books and games as an escape from stress?


For the only reason that my life is not interesting enough, I've decided from this day forward to start posting random crap. By random crap I mean random words that I will define for you every day. Here's the first -everword of the day(can be nouns, adjectives, and verbs, or words that or both verbs and nouns like "superman")

McDonald's- A fast food eatery of what in which is led by Big Brother himself, Jim Skinner.

Example: (child) Mommy take me to McDonald's right now!!! I want the new Panda toy!!!!

(Mom) Ok sweety, as long as you promise to stay with grandma and don't complain while mom go's out and get's drunk. Hopefully to find a man with alot of money to knock mommy up. Then you can have a sister, and we will live in a big house!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Quirky Graduation Of The Class Of 08 Along With A Bunch Of Random Stuff Like Cauldrons And Stuff That Sounds Like A Harry Potter Chapter Title

Yesterday was the day I was finally released fresh out the oven into a world of my own. A world of Independence in which you rely on your self and only your self. This world is called reality. Luckily, I've been through reality before, and it's not so bad. Actually, I'd prefer it over an ersatz dream-like creation. Any who, I'm a new man, and I'm happy about it! So I was just curious to know, but it seems like schools here in Chicago make a pretty big deal about 8th grade graduation. Well, that is if you consider a ceremony fully packed with wheeping parents, and long, maroon-colored gowns. As was mentioned to me before, when I spoke to my mother she was wondering why the extra-mile? She is a wonderer, but It leads me to believe that in the West Coast, there is no ceremony of the sort. Any reasons or comments?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Europe - The Final Countdown

Oh yeah, here's the video, and I forgot to mention that I'm changing the background on my blog for the new year.

It's The Final Countdown

After a brief vow of silence(I'm Awesome), I've decided to now and forever forward use spellcheck and grammar check. This means the following; you still get the hilarity that comes with reading a super hero's, blog except you may be able to actually understand the sentences your reading, and well, nuff said. So now, to the point of this post. As some of you know,(pedophiles, spoiler alert warning!) I am of the age in which a little boy becomes a man(or teenager with raging hormones for that matter) and that includes graduating the 8th grade.
Now this is a first, but my school has put together a graduation "ceremony" or whatever you like to call for the future failers and successors. Guess what? To my surprise, everyone is graduating. That even includes those who should be graduating senior year of high-school by now! Yay! Now, it's all fun in games until someone gets hurt, or the entire 8th grade has to sing the national gay anthem ,"The Way We Were" by non other than Baba Streisand her menopausal self. Ah, the memories we will forget. Someday, I will think back to the very next day from to day and say, 'Wow, was I really that popular?'. Did I mention apple has recently revealed the new $200 8gb iphone, and the $300 16 gig? Anyway, if it makes you feel any better(people who couldn't stand waiting 6 months until the iphone got cheaper) here's some optimism found in Europe's 'Final Countdown". Above!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Top Ten Trendiest Things

Here is a list of the top ten trendiest things that are hot right now.

1. Weightwatchers(even if your not fat, you could steal lose some)

2. Indy Rock( Hip-hop is dead, and Mainstream music is Soooooo over-rated)

3. Motor Scooters(Global Warming is going to destroy the earth!! People actually believe that)

4. Wii(It's not just kids and nerds playing video games any more. Adults like to rot their brains out too!)

5. Thai Food( Sushi is out, Pah Thai is in)

6.Visiting Thailand(Last year visiting Japan was hot, but now that Thai food is in whens a better time to visit the official land?)

7.Flats( Heels are like OMG uncomfortable, so why not wear something that doesn't hurt to be beautiful?)

8. Apple Products( Anything apple, and I mean anything. People will pay any amount for the new iCrap)

9. Starbucks( How the hell did coffee get so popular? With over 10 thousand locations spread out all over the globe, more people drink coffee now then people did coke back in the 80's. Actually, sometimes I wonder what they put inside those things)

10. Barack Hussein Obama(Those who aren't stupid enough-sorry rednecks- to believe that Obama is an insane Muslim terrorist realize the full potential of our country. If you drink Starbucks, your votin' for Mr. Yes We Can himself, oh and if your black.