Friday, April 18, 2008

My Chemical Emo

On Friday I was given an opportunity to see My Chemical Romance for free (EMO signature band), so of course I took it, and I'm very thankful. First of all, experiencing first-hand how this interesting group of intellectuals acts was a great way to find the logic behind them all, and that is; they can't dance, non of them. It was the guy behind me's first concert, and so he really didn't know how to move with the groove. Everyone dressed in MCR apparel, or black and white( I was in luck, I wore black to school), and had the same hair over-eyes look expected from this crowd. Over-all the band was freaking' awesome considering I really hadn't heard any of the songs, excluding "Helena". The biggest twist I found, was when this particular band was ridiculously abusive. People were literally punching each other in the face. I also discovered a new band called Billy Talent. I never found out if Billy Talent is the name of the lead singer or band. Awesome experience over-all!!! I didn't know parents could be so nice.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Leather Heads

I have returned with my infamous movie reviews. This time I will be summing up Georgafuls new movie "Leather Heads" also featuring John Krasinski. A tall guy, but not as tall as Brian or Todd. Walking into this theater, I had heard much hype about this film, and how it's a "Hilarious Comedy", but I tell you this movie is far from hilarious. Using a mixture of dry and in your-face humor that only occasionally succeeds. During this movie you will find yourself thinking that both lead characters are a bunch of assholes, and the only thing that will keep you from falling asleep, is the football games that take place twice in the film. Beginning and End. The only thing good about this movie (trust me, not Renee Zelwegger) is it's intelligent take on the 1920's. George Clooney's character plays professional football, but is kicked out of the league. John Krasinski's character(probably Polish) is a stuck up college star who agrees to go pro in order to help George Clooney's character get back in the league. the fight over a girl, and then one of them dies, and the other leaves the country to go to Canada, yadda yadda yadda.

Bottom Line:

Been Caught Up

I haven't blogged in quite awhile, but it's not that there is nothing to blog about, is merely that I do not have the time. I apologize, but I promise you if these next few days go well; then you'll see a whole lot of catlad jamming your internet. And if your wondering, no I have not gotten tired of catlad. Catlad Man, Catlad Man, Does what whatever a feline can. Is he a man or is he cat? I don't know why don't you ask him. Catlad Man, Catlad Man.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bird House In Every Body's Soul

Look on the bright side. Winter Id Over!!]

The Immaturity Of Some

I think it goes without saying that some 7Th grader's are very immature, or at least not very intelligent.I am not boasting and claiming that 8th grader's are better or anything, and I certainly do not wish to start more controversy. But honestly, posting videos of yourself while degrading others on a school computer is not exactly what I'd call "Mature". Therefore, all of you who are afraid of MRPIEX for any comment that he has maid is strictly hypocritical. I am not saying that he may have not taken his "joke" a little too far, but seriously get over it. You notice how I put joke in quotes? That is because it was a joke and he didn't really mean for you guys to masturbate ferociously to him. And at least he did it from his own computer, and of course everybody can see his blog, but he should have the freedom to do so.

Sorry if I come off harsh. Now enjoy another TMBG classic

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Take Me Down To Instanbul

It's been awhile since I heard this song, and it reminds me of art school. Got to prepare myself for the potheads.