Monday, December 29, 2008

merely a cult classic film: The Spirit

the other day I spent my time in a movie theater watching "The Spirit". Now, the easiest thing for me to do is to bash the hell out of this movie, but I think it deserves some respect. To be honest, you really should not pay money to see this if your looking forward to another movie as great as Sin City, because by all means, it is not. However, if you're a huge cult classic film fan then this movie was made for you.

The Spirit was a huge bomb in every meaning of the word, for example: it received horrible reviews, Received horrible fan response, and placed number 9 in the box office. That is not to say why I really enjoyed it, but it might have something to do with it. Over the last couple of years, I have grown a liking towards non-mainstream movies, although I am not white. This movie exceeded my expectations from the very start. The visuals are fantastic, and there's many things to say about the cheesy dialogue. It is in the very nature of Will Eisner's The Spirit comic book. There's even a very stereotypical black kid who steels a car and drives The Spirit around from place to place. Isn't that nostalgic for you? It is also not very surprising that Frank Miller (the director) purposely made this movie crap. Back in the 80's, he wrote 2 little novels called Batman Returns and Sin City which are now noted to be some of the best graphic novels in history. He later created a sequel to The Batman Returns known as " The Batman Strikes Again", which is noted to be one of the worst graphic novels in history. In an interview, he stated that this was just way of paying back fans for their immediate praise. Hmm... To this day he continues to write crappy Batman comics. All I'm saying is that 10 years from now, this film will become one of the top midnight super hero films, so don't pass it off quite yet.


Bethany said...

When did this movie come out? I'm not familiar with it. I really liked 300 and Sin City. Is it good enough to rent?

jesse said...


It came out around December.