Thursday, August 13, 2009

At Least Wilco Loves You

Jeff Tweedy and his fearsome 5 assures listeners of this from the very start. The opening track of the eponymous album also happens to be named "Wilco", and is basically the theme song of the bands entire career. " Wilco Will Love You, Baby"- Tweedy exclaims early on this highly-addicting track. If you've heard any of Wilco's other 6 albums, then you've already been loved by Wilco( and most likely, the feeling is mutual). In case you wondering, YES Wilco does have their old sound back, sundry twang and all. In fact, surprisingly enough, most fans will find 'Wilco' (the album) reminiscent of 'Summerteeth'. It's "less country" to assert, but that's not to say it's lacking in the melodies that make Wilco so great. It seems this time around the band's going for a some-what more universal sound than "Sky Blue Sky". Then again, they can do whatever the hell they want and still garner critical, and commercial attention.

On the track "You Never Know", Tweedy writes " It's A Secret I Can't Tell/ There's a wish down a well, I Don't Care Anymore".JT could be talking about his struggles with some of his earlier bandmates, or pretty much anything. The lyrics are just icing on top of an already sweet cake of a song. Mikael Jorgensen's knack for infectious keyboard melodies stand out the most on on this track, and John Stirrat's baselines aren't so bad either (biggest understatement I'll ever make). Where Tweedy's dark and gritty vocals shine however, is in the Petty-Esque "Sonny Feeling".

Even when some of the songs fall-flat when it comes to lyrical or melodic creativity, they're is always something that gives it flare. Whether it's the background sound of a brilliant snare fill, or the addition of a non-conventional instrument that gives it some flare, it's completely up to the listener. It's the excellent attention to detail that makes Wilco, and this album, one of the most refreshing on the market. It isn't their best, but 'Wilco 7 'stands on its own as a satisfying addition to their ever-growing catalogue.

Grade- B+

Stand Out Tracks:
Wilco-the song
You Never Know
I'll Fight
You and I

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